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CLASSES: Children


At Art Matters Studio, we believe that people of all ages can benefit from art education in a fun, relaxing and nurturing environment. Our goal is to teach basic art principles to beginners and more advanced techniques to experienced artists in a way that acknowledges and respects each individual. With a little guidance from our friendly instructors, you or your child are certain to tap into creative abilities beyond your current imagining.

Enroll your child anytime in one of our our flexible, ongoing classes 

Most children’s classes are ongoing. That means that you can enroll your child at any time for a single class or for multiple classes as part of a discounted 8-pack (8-packs are available for purchase during the school year -- between September 1 and April 1 -- and must be used within 3 months of start date). Many ongoing classes offer multiple time slots per week. We ask that you commit to one time slot on a regular basis and notify us if you need to make an occasional switch to another time slot in any given week. Families enrolling children in classes are required to submit a completed Student Information Form prior to starting classes.


Private Lessons

Want a more personal experience? We offer private and group lessons, too!